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  • How to Keep Your Dog Fresh Between Groomings

    Dogs smell. They have lots of fur that holds onto dirt and odors. They are low to the ground and spend more time in dirt and grass than you might. Also, dogs have a different relationship with smells than we do. What you may think of as gross, your dog thinks would be lovely to roll around in. Nothing you can do will change those instincts. While baths are necessary for your dog’s care, too many or too frequently can lead to skin problems. Depending on whether your dog enjoys baths, they can a...

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  • Why Is Oatmeal So Good for Your Skin?

    If the first thing you think of when you hear “oatmeal” is “breakfast,” you’re not alone. But oatmeal is more than a hot, hearty part of a balanced breakfast. It’s literally ground oats. The process starts with the grain, which is husked to show the seed. Then it’s heated to bring out the flavor. Finally, it’s cut, rolled, or crushed to make it easier to process into its final form. In most cases, oatmeal is used for foods but it’s great for skin, too. Many grooming products us...

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  • How to Read a Dog Grooming Product Label

    Start with the ingredients list. The ingredients should be listed by how much of the total mixture the ingredient represents, with the greatest percentage starting first and ending with the least percentage. Look for the INCI list, too. It’s required under many international laws and is official way to list ingredients in the cosmetic industry. It helps avoid confusion because it designates a standardized way to display each ingredient, offering easy comparison. If you  don’t see that INCI ...

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  • Lucy is looking for a forever home!

    Name: Lucy Age: 2, female Breed: Great Dane Location: Temecula, CA Lucy was adopted at 10 months from a family in Temecula.  She has been with her present family for the past 14 months give or take.  Unfortunately Lucy's family is facing difficult times. She is very good with people and children and other dogs.  She is a house dog, lives and sleeps in the house. She is due for an update of her vaccinations, which I will cover the cost to have done.  She has been fixed and is ...

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  • Organic Oscar® Announces Their Collaboration with NV Pets Sales and Marketing

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Organic Oscar® Announces Their Collaboration with NV Pets Sales and Marketing SAN DIEGO, CA, May 14, 2013- Organic Oscar® announced their official collaboration with NV Pets Sales and Marketing, a manufacturers' representative firm based in Bakersfield, California. NV Pets' Founder Bob Vella has over 30 years of experience in the pet industry, including pet product distribution and retail sales. NV Pets is composed of 8 sales representatives with nationwide representat...

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  • Organic Oscar Sponsored Dog of the Month - Lulu

    ADOPTED! Name: Lulu Age: 6 1/2 years old Breed: Beagle/Pug mix Info: Lulu is a fun and playful gal who loves to be the center of attention and is the life of every party! Lulu likes other dogs, loves to go on adventures (that is the Beagle part of her heritage) and just loves to be silly. Lulu is potty trained and well-behaved indoors. She loves long walks, runs and hikes! At 6 years old, she is just hitting her stride and has more energy than many dogs half her age!  Oh, yeah, she also ...

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  • Organic Oscar Sponsored Dog of the Month - Nemo

    Name: Nemo Age: 1 year old Breed: Poodle/West Highland Terrier mix Info: Little Nemo is adorable.  Nemo is a handsome Poodle/West Highland Terrier mix who is about a 1 year old.  Nemo loves to be the center of attention and just get lots of lovin’ from his human companions. He likes other dogs, likes to play with his toys and loves to be in your lap and a part of all the family’s fun and activities. To learn more about Nemo, please visit him at Rancho Coastal Humane Society at 38...

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  • Organic Oscar Sponsored Dog of The Month - Flash

    Name:Flash Age: 2 years old Breed: Basset Hound Lab Mix Info: Flash is a handsome 2 year old Basset Hound Lab mix who came in with his brother, Rosco, and they are both easy-going, friendly dogs. Basset Hounds love to show off their scent-tracking skills and need lots of walks and adventures. Flash has always lived with another dog and is going to need a doggie companion in his new home. He is used to having free access from the house to a nice yard through a doggie door. Flash was potty...

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  • Organic Oscar Sponsored Dog of the Month - Prince

    Name: Prince Age: 1 year Breed: Poodle/Bichon mix Info: Prince is a super friendly and happy little guy who loves everyone he meets and likes other dogs. He is a handsome Poodle/Bichon mix who is 12 months old.  He is used to being indoors with his human family and a part of all the fun and activities. His owner became physically unable to care for him and decided it was best for us to find him a more active home, perhaps with another dog and free access to a yard.  Prince loves to go ...

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  • Organic Oscar - Beautiful Milly

    Hi friends: We are trying to find a forever, loving home, for a 4-5 year old Rottweiler who currently lives in Garden Grove, CA. As you can see, she is very loving and very adorable. She has been fixed and is ready for adoption. If you are looking for a forever family member who will quickly become your BFF, please let us know. Milly will do very well in a home with older children and adults. Can you kindly pass this information on to anyone who might be interested? We would live Milly t...

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