Why Doesn't Organic Oscar Lather?

Some customers, who are not familiar with organic products, asked us why Organic Oscar shampoos did not lather. They felt that they were not cleaning their dog’s fur.

The big misconception is to believe that the shampoo should lather in order to clean. When I first switched to organic care products for myself, it was also an adjustment. I grew up with conventional shampoos with lots of bubbles. These products would foam well, but would also cause itchiness and dryness to my scalp. So I chose quality over the bubbles.

NSF, the organization that certifies organic care products, forbids these foaming agents. Not only the foam is useless in the efficiency of the product, but can be irritating to a dog’s skin because it is created by chemical additives. If it dried my scalp, it certainly will dry my dog's skin. Their skin is more sensitive than human skin.

This is why when formulating our products, instead of using harsh chemicals to wash your pets, Organic Oscar utilizes very mild coconut-based cleaning agents that are NSF-compliant and safe enough to use on babies. These plant-derived and biodegradable cleaning agents are good for a dog’s sensitive skin and work by helping water to mix with oil and dirt so they can be easily rinsed off. Cocoglucoside, the main cleansing agent in our product, has the lowest irritation score of all surfectants, and it leaves your dog’s coat smooth, shiny and healthy.

Try our products... test them, and you will soon realize that your dog's coat is not only clean, soft and detangled, it won't strip away the dog's natural oil that protects them from the toxins. If the dogs could choose, they would choose quality over bubbles too.