Spring Cleaning All Year Round

Dogs are bundles of love covered in fur. Whether you’ve got a long haired lhasa apso or a short haired chihuahua, most of us deal with shedding. The spring cleaning spirit may have you in the mood to finally do something about it. We’ve all had those big spring cleaning days where everyone in the house gets together and organize. But instead of doing it once this spring and forgetting about it, use these tips to stay spring clean fresh all year round.


The best defense for hair related pet mess is regular grooming. Depending on your dog’s breed and coat type, you may find that brushing through his fur regularly will reduce shedding around the house. For some breeds, keeping them shaved down or cut into a short cut might be the answer. If you don’t have the patience to do it yourself, enlist the help of a professional groomer. They’ll have some good suggestions on grooming techniques to reduces shedding.

Also, keep in mind that excessive shedding can be a sign of illness. If you notice that your dog is suddenly shedding a lot more than usual or is shedding is clumps, it’s best to consult your vet right away.

Stock Up

If you don’t have the supplies to get your cleaning done, you’re less likely to do it. Stock on cleansers and tools, and keep them in an easy to access space. For instance, you might keep a lint roller near your front door so you can brush away any errant hair on the way out.

Several manufacturers make specialized vacuums/carpet cleaners for homes with pets that may be useful. You can also try cleansers specifically made for pet messes but always check out the ingredients list before buying. If your dog will have contact with the product--such as something you use on the carpets or wash the dog bed with--you must make sure that none of the ingredients are harmful or toxic.

Schedule It

Year round spring cleaning is about doing a little something every day instead of a lot of work once a year. For example, Friday could be your dusting day and you could vacuum every Wednesday. Make a realistic schedule and stick to it.

You can even delegate the tasks to certain members of the family. The person that does laundry can be in charge of washing the dog bed while someone else does the mopping. Instead of waiting until the mess gets overwhelming, take on one thing once or twice a week to keep it all to a manageable task.