How Much Exercise Does Your Pet Need?

Did you know that exercise is paramount to your pet's health just as it is to you? Well, you need to engage your precious one in various activities that will be able to keep them fit without straining them. These exercises can be provided indoor or outdoor depending on the weather, type of the pet, its present health status, and its feeding regime, as well as your pet energy level. So, let me take you through some exercises you can easily engage your pets in.

Food Hunting

With the various types of pet food on the market, you might not see the need for your pet to go out to hunt. Yes, it might sound old-fashioned, but this is the best exercise your pet can engage in with minimal supervision. In addition, as they chase around their prey, they are keeping fit as well as learning to survive on their own. Therefore, don't let your pet lazy around just waiting for you to serve them but rather let them go out there and hunt for a meal.

Taking Them for a Walk

During your daily activities like taking a stroll or going to the food store, you can tag your pet along. For the first time, it’s advisable to use a leash and harness so as to properly guide them along the way. You might encounter challenges due to the discomfort brought about with the harness, but later when they get used to the routine, you can just let them move freely.

Agility Course

According to Cesar's Way, Agility courses do not primarily just keep your pet’s health in check, but it also enables it to take off promptly in case of any danger. The course entails jumping, passing through tunnels, weave poles, etc. When your pet is engaged in this course, it tends to be always alert and swift. Therefore, your pet achieves an all-around nurtured character you will be proud of.


Most pets are not fond of water, and they are most likely to give you a difficult time if you try to bath them. Even so, you have to be patient enough and if possible try to teach them when they are still young so that they get used to water. According to the International Association of Animal therapist, swimming is a therapeutic exercise that tends to increase circulation of muscle and to decrease joint pains. In addition, it's able to control obesity as well as minimize age-related complications.

Pet Treadmills

There are various types of treadmills on the market you can buy just for your pets. You can either buy a hydrotherapy treadmill or the ordinary pet treadmill. Both of them work perfectly to ensure that your pet exercises without injury and most of them can be regulated. Treadmills can also be used both indoor and outdoor therefore giving you versatility.

Engaging Them With Ball Games

Most pets like playing around with balls naturally. So, you need to identify the exact game your pet likes and one which does not strain it at all. For instance, you can throw a tennis ball and then let your pet run after it, or you can hide it, and then your pet tries to find it. As long as your pet finds it fun, they will exercise dutifully.

The Bottom Line

From the above outlined exercises, you can conclude that it's not so demanding or too expensive for your pet to exercise. Therefore, try and engage your pet in various activities at least for thirty minutes each day, and you will minimize the number of trips you make to the veterinary.

This post was written by Sarah who is the editor of Growing up in a household with three dogs, two cats, and two parakeets, she learned to love and understand animals. Helping others with their animals by sharing her knowledge is something close to her heart, and she can’t think of a better life than having a pet by your side.