Ice Creams For Dogs

Ice cream is a controversial summer treat. . . if you’re a dog. It generally contains sugar and fat, which can cause nutritional issues with your pup if he gets too much of it. Many dogs also don’t do well on dairy, experiencing upset stomachs or loose stools. Toppings can be a bit of a problem, too. Chocolate in particular is very toxic to dogs.

But this doesn’t mean that your dog can’t experience the best part of summer with you. It just means you have to be careful about the ingredients. While there are several commercial doggie cool treats out there, it’s also easy to make it right at home. Here are three frozen treat recipes using natural ingredients that you can share with your four legged buddy:

Peanut Butter Banana Supreme

Add one cup of plain yogurt to a bowl. Mix in a half a cup of peanut butter, a teaspoon of honey, and a teaspoon of brewers yeast. Mix thoroughly or blend in a blender if that’s easier for you. Distribute evenly in ice cube tray--bonus points if they are shaped like paws--and place in a freezer until frozen.

Pumpkin Spice Pops

You’ll need two bananas for this one. Mash them in a bowl with two teaspoons of peanut butter. Add two teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of pumpkin. Next mix in 24 ounces of plain yogurt and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Mix it all together well and spoon into popsicle molds. Then freeze until they are solid.

Blueberry Banana Cubes

For this one, you’ll need one cup of blueberries and one banana. Mix them both in with six ounces of plain yogurt. Add a teaspoon of flaxseed to that and blend the whole thing thoroughly. Then put them in an ice cube tray and let them freeze for about two hours.