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  • Organic Oscar Pet of the Month:

    This month, meet the Cuddles! We are featuring an inseparable pair available for adoption and in need of your help. Name: Mr. and Mrs. Cuddle Age: Both 4 years old Type: Corgi & Poodle Cuddle Pastimes: Cuddling, playing with other pets, and going on daily walks Bottom Line: Mr. Cuddle makes sure that Mrs. Cuddle is safe and secure. They rely on and love each other dearly. They both love being indoors and are very well behaved! Your Next Step: Watch television coverage about them on Fox 5:...

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  • Oscar's Favorites

    Welcome to Malt Angels Maltese. MaltAngel Maltese is located in east-central California at the base of the beautiful Sierra Mountain foothills. ...

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  • Organic Oscar Pet of the Month: ADOPTED!

    Organic Oscar™ has a passion to make the world a better place for each and every pet. That is why we are working with the Rancho Coastal Humane Society to save one life at a time. Once a month, we will feature a loveable sponsored pet that is available for adoption and in need of your help. Name: Jackson Age: 4 years old Type: Jack Russell mix Pastimes: Snuggling, playing and daily walks Bottom Line: Jackson is a friendly feline that enjoys the company of humans and fellow dogs. Jackson ...

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  • No Pet Regulations?

    A year ago, a client came to me with an original idea: perfume for dogs. At first, I tried to gather information about pet product production requirements. As you can imagine, if I did not spend a long time reviewing US cosmetic regulations, I did not need any time for the pet product protocol for there are no pet product regulations! So how do products get manufactured without guidelines? Well, whenever companies formulate grooming products for pets, they follow the cosmetic standards for human...

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  • The regulations in the Cosmetics and Perfume Industry

    France is the capital of the cosmetics and perfume industry. Nonetheless, as a result of globalization, you can purchase very good cosmetic products throughout the world. Each country has its regulations, yet there are common rules. France collaborated with other countries from the European Union to make common cosmetics and perfume regulations. Consequently, all the countries from the European Union follow the same strict regulations when cosmetic products are manufactured. In addition, compani...

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  • My Action

    The US is the wealthiest, most powerful and advanced country in the world. Therefore, we believe that the products we consume are safe and that they are regulated and certified before going to the market by an official agency, such as the FDA. Besides, it is hard to imagine that people would try to market a product that is not safe for us or for our pets? Well, the reality is not so perfect. At the beginning of this year, we were all shocked to hear that the FDA found evidence that the PCA Compa...

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