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  • How to Shower Your Dog.

    Dogs wouldn't mind being grimy and stinky — actually, they like it a lot— and many aren't hesitant to set up a battle if they imagine that it will enable them to escape shower time. It's no fun when you need to do run behind your dog to shower him while he is wrestling and tearing to escape from you. Here are our tips on how to wash a dog that will make it a significantly more cordial experience for both you and your pup. Energy of positive affiliation The primary thing you need to do, as is...

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  • Tips for Choosing an Obedience Class

    Back to school is an exciting time for kids from coast to coast. And as you watch the kids head off to class, it might occur to you that your dog could use a little education time, too. After all, a well-trained dog is an asset to any community. He’ll be welcome in more situations and be safer overall. But before you sign up for a class, be sure to consider all of your options. What are Your Goals? Before you start your search for a doggy training class, take a moment to think about your goals...

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  • How to Teach Your Dog to Love Swimming?

    As summer slides into place, we’re all making plans for fun in the sun and water. But how much more fun would it be if your dog could take part, too? Some dogs take to the water like they were born for it but others need a little more encouragement. In fact, many dogs need you to teach them to love swimming. Put Safety First You may think that your dog was born with all of the equipment he needs to swim, but that’s debateable. Depending on what breed or age his is, your dog may not be natura...

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  • How Much Exercise Does Your Pet Need?

    Did you know that exercise is paramount to your pet's health just as it is to you? Well, you need to engage your precious one in various activities that will be able to keep them fit without straining them. These exercises can be provided indoor or outdoor depending on the weather, type of the pet, its present health status, and its feeding regime, as well as your pet energy level. So, let me take you through some exercises you can easily engage your pets in. Food Hunting With the various types ...

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  • How to Survive Allergy Season?

    Spring is considered prime allergy season because that’s when pollen is the worst and that’s one of the most common allergies. But the truth is that allergies come in all shapes and sizes and can happen all year long, depending on what triggers them. And if your dog is experiencing reactions to certain stimuli, it’s time to get serious about allergies. Is It an Allergy or a Cold? Colds and allergies are often mistaken for each other because they have similar symptoms. Runny eyes, runny nos...

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  • Spring Cleaning All Year Round

    Dogs are bundles of love covered in fur. Whether you’ve got a long haired lhasa apso or a short haired chihuahua, most of us deal with shedding. The spring cleaning spirit may have you in the mood to finally do something about it. We’ve all had those big spring cleaning days where everyone in the house gets together and organize. But instead of doing it once this spring and forgetting about it, use these tips to stay spring clean fresh all year round. Prevention The best defense for hair rel...

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  • Prepping Your Dog for Holiday Visitors

    The winter holidays mark a time when it’s suddenly cold outside and we warm up our homes with parties and gatherings. You’re not the only one welcoming visitors into your home--Your dog is also a part of the equation. But is your dog ready for your guests? Here’s how to get him prepared. Educate Your Visitors Start with explaining to your visitors how to interact with your dog. You already know what training rules you’ve made for him so now let your visitors know, too. Make it clear that...

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  • Holiday Sweaters for Your Dog

    stripe sweater

    Winter is finally here. As the temperatures drop and the holidays fill up on the calendar, you’re pulling out the holiday sweaters for your whole family. But don’t forget about your dog! Whether it’s just to keep you company by the fire or as the guest of honor at a holiday party, there’s a perfect sweater out there for your pup. Halloween Stripe If you’re not ready for Halloween to be over, don’t let it be! You may have to take off your costume and take down your decorations but yo...

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  • No Bake Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Treat Recipe

    Dogs love treats. You can use them to motivate your dog during training. You can use them to spoil your little four-legged baby. There are number of commercial treats on the market but there’s something special about making your dog’s treats yourself. Even if you aren’t a wiz in the kitchen, you can make something homemade and healthy for your pup. Follow this recipe for No Bake Peanut Butter Treats today. Your dog will thank you later. Ingredients Pumpkin Puree (1 cup) Peanut butter (1/4 ...

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  • Four Pet Costume Ideas to Rock Your Halloween

    shark costume

    Halloween is all about candy, costumes, and things that go bump in the night. Although most dogs don’t like loud noises at night and candy is usually out of the question, your dog can help celebrate the holiday with a costume specially designed with her in mind. Shark You know your dog is a cuddly little bunny but this Halloween let him be the most ferocious animal in the sea. A shark costume can let your pup pretend to be all bite and no bark for one night. Minion The Minions was a blockbus...

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