• Ice Creams For Dogs

    Ice cream is a controversial summer treat. . . if you’re a dog. It generally contains sugar and fat, which can cause nutritional issues with your pup if he gets too much of it. Many dogs also don’t do well on dairy, experiencing upset stomachs or loose stools. Toppings can be a bit of a problem, too. Chocolate in particular is very toxic to dogs. But this doesn’t mean that your dog can’t experience the best part of summer with you. It just means you have to be careful about the ingredien...

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  • Holiday Sweet Potato Biscuit Recipe For Dogs

    We’re swiftly coming upon the holiday season. While traditions and presents play a big part in the holidays, it’s the food we really get excited about. What you make for the holidays says a lot about who and what you care about. So while you’re baking pies for your co-workers and deep frying turkeys for your relatives, don’t forget to make a little something for your dog. Not only are these doggie sweet potato biscuits delicious, they’re easy to make. And they’ll fit right in with al...

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