• Caring for Your Dog This Winter.

    Cold winter climate and low moisture in the air can make your skin wind up plainly dry, flaky and awkward. A similar thing can happen to your dog's skin, as well. Similarly as you may find a way to keep your skin sound when the climate turns cool, your canine friend's skin and coat may require some additional care also. In fact, many of the same remedies you use can help prevent and treat skin problems in your dog too. Shampoo less frequently Your dog may like regular showers in the spring and s...

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  • How to Care for an Aging Dog

    Whether you first met your dog as a puppy or adopted him as a full grown dog, you’re committing to a lifetime of love and care. As the years go by, you’ll see your dog get older and go through the changes that all aging animals do. To give him the best care, it’s important to focus on consistency at home and regular vet care. Consistency All dogs like routines and consistency but older dogs really crave it. They’re set in their ways. They are used the same walks, the same food, and the s...

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  • Prepping Your Dog for Holiday Visitors

    The winter holidays mark a time when it’s suddenly cold outside and we warm up our homes with parties and gatherings. You’re not the only one welcoming visitors into your home--Your dog is also a part of the equation. But is your dog ready for your guests? Here’s how to get him prepared. Educate Your Visitors Start with explaining to your visitors how to interact with your dog. You already know what training rules you’ve made for him so now let your visitors know, too. Make it clear that...

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  • Coconut Oil for Dog Grooming

    coconut oil

    When you think of coconuts, you may think of tropical vacations. Or maybe you think of deserted islands. But maybe you should think about your dog’s next grooming treatment. Coconut oil has been a popular addition in beauty products for some time. It can be found in everything from cleansers to moisturizers to deep conditioners for humans. But dogs can benefit from this versatile ingredient, too. The Coconut and Its Oil The coconut is a stone fruit that flowers from the tropical tree of the s...

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  • Ouchless Nail Trimming for Your Dog

    nail trimming pic

    Along with his teeth, your dog’s nails are its best all purpose tool for getting things done. Those nail can help protect him, scratch him when he itches, and help him open things. But if you let a dog’s nails grow too long, they can turn inward and become painful to walk on. Most dogs can go about six to eight weeks without a nail trim. You can enlist a professional to do it. Or you can save a few bucks and do it yourself. Tools The most important thing you’ll need is a nail trimmer spec...

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  • Lucy is looking for a forever home!

    Name: Lucy Age: 2, female Breed: Great Dane Location: Temecula, CA Lucy was adopted at 10 months from a family in Temecula.  She has been with her present family for the past 14 months give or take.  Unfortunately Lucy's family is facing difficult times. She is very good with people and children and other dogs.  She is a house dog, lives and sleeps in the house. She is due for an update of her vaccinations, which I will cover the cost to have done.  She has been fixed and is ...

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  • Organic Oscar Sponsored Dog of the Month - Lulu


    ADOPTED! Name: Lulu Age: 6 1/2 years old Breed: Beagle/Pug mix Info: Lulu is a fun and playful gal who loves to be the center of attention and is the life of every party! Lulu likes other dogs, loves to go on adventures (that is the Beagle part of her heritage) and just loves to be silly. Lulu is potty trained and well-behaved indoors. She loves long walks, runs and hikes! At 6 years old, she is just hitting her stride and has more energy than many dogs half her age!  Oh, yeah, she also likes...

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  • Organic Oscar Sponsored Dog of the Month - Nemo

    Name: Nemo Age: 1 year old Breed: Poodle/West Highland Terrier mix Info: Little Nemo is adorable.  Nemo is a handsome Poodle/West Highland Terrier mix who is about a 1 year old.  Nemo loves to be the center of attention and just get lots of lovin’ from his human companions. He likes other dogs, likes to play with his toys and loves to be in your lap and a part of all the family’s fun and activities. To learn more about Nemo, please visit him at Rancho Coastal Humane Society at 38...

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  • Organic Oscar - Beautiful Milly

    Hi friends: We are trying to find a forever, loving home, for a 4-5 year old Rottweiler who currently lives in Garden Grove, CA. As you can see, she is very loving and very adorable. She has been fixed and is ready for adoption. If you are looking for a forever family member who will quickly become your BFF, please let us know. Milly will do very well in a home with older children and adults. Can you kindly pass this information on to anyone who might be interested? We would live Milly t...

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  • Organic Oscar Sponsored Dog of the Month - Gunther

    Name: Gunther Age: 8 years Breed: Manchester Terrier mix Info: Gunther is a fun and lively little guy with a ton of personality. He is a handsome Manchester Terrier mix who is 8 years young.  His elderly owner passed away, so Gunther and his “sister,” Lucy Lou, who was recently adopted, came to RCHS to find a new home.  Gunther has always lived with another dog, is used to being indoors with a doggie door, slept in (albeit with his human) and had a ton of attention. Gunther loves t...

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