Holistic Remedies
  1. Anti Itch Dog Shampoo-Holistic Bite & Itch Relief Spray | Organic Oscar

    Holistic Bite and Itch Relief Spray


    One of the most common complaints that we hear from pet parents is that their pet is always itchy. To help those parents with a holistic alternative to medication or harsh chemical sprays, Organic Oscar is now offering a holistic remedy with its Holistic Bite and Itch Relief Spray. Learn More
  2. Stress Relief Spray | Organic Oscar Itch Spray Relief Shampoo

    Stress Relief Spray


    Lavender oil has long been used in alternative medecine and most commonly in perfume. Organic Oscar introduces its Anxiety Relief Spray using the aromatherapy to help calm and relieve puppies and dogs from general fear and anxiety. Learn More
  3. Deodarizing Touch Up Dog Spray and Shampoos | Organic Oscar

    Deodorizing Touch Up Spray


    Keep your pup smell fresh and clean longer with Organic Oscar’s new Deodorizing Touch-Up Spray. Formulated with an exclusive ingredient that helps you neutralize odors and Graprefruit essential oil for a fresh and tonic scent. Learn More
  4. Spray and Go Dog Shampoo | Organic Oscar Pet Poducts

    Spray & Go


    Because we just run out of time sometimes, we hope to make things quicker and simpler. Organic Oscar introduces our new Spray & Go Touch-Up Shampoo. Just spray and your pup will be cleaned instantly. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, our shampoo spray will leave your dog with a refreshed coat. Learn More
  5. Biodegradable Poop Bags for Dogs & Pets | Organic Oscar 2

    Biodegradable Poop Bags


    100% Biodegradable Organic Oscar Pet Waste Bags. 10 Strong Leak Proof Rolls + free jug bag- 200 bags

    Learn More

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