What People Say About Organic Oscar?


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Kelly Trummer, San Diego CA: "I absolutely adored Organic Oscar Oatmeal and Conditioner products. My husband and I have three dogs of various sizes and coat types and we actually had them in a very cool photo shoot the day after using the products. My husband and I were so impressed with how white our Pitbull looked and how extremely soft and clean our Shepard mix was. It was different than anything we had used before and we absolutely fell in love. We also have a pug who we used these products on and were extremely impressed with the results of his coat as well as the ability to use this product on his very sensitive face rolls. We will continue to use Organic Oscar moving forward. We are now fans for life!! Attached you will find a picture of our dogs in the photo shoot a day after we used Organic Oscar to prepare them for their close ups. ;)"



Organic Shampoos & Conditioners at Organic Oscar

Picture by Oh My Dog Photography for Kelly Trummer

Tracy Aston - Facebook Fan: "Spencer my 6 year old German Shepherd, and I can't thank you enough for you amazing product! As the weather starts turning colder and his undercoat starts growing in, Spencer gets horrible dry, itchy skin. Since numerous allergy tests – both environmental and food- and checks for skin infections all came back negative, I didn’t want to put him on any harsh medications or steroids. This left me looking for natural remedies to help calm his skin and get him some relief. Thanks...”

Robin Santora - Facebook Fan: “This shampoo is AWESOME! Used it for the first time on my dogs yesterday. Not only are they softer than they have ever been, but the shampoo is super easy to rinse off, which is really nice!! Also, no itching/dried out skin after bath! Thank you, Organic Oscar!!”

Tuere Parham Butler - Facebook Fan: “I am going to scream it from the Rooftops!!! Organic Oscar works wonders!!!! My dog smells and looks great, thanks.”